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Sniffing Markers is the brainchild and outlet of Greg Thomas & Colin Harding, where we discuss a variety of topics related to the software development industry. Methodology, Team Leadership, Inspiration, Process, Product Management, Freelancing and Entrepreneurship – we will hit it all and more. We like to keep it authentic preferring not to have a script and always having a steady supply of markers handy.

Jun 12, 2017

In today's episode Greg & Colin discuss the concept of Business Value and determining what is next most valuable the business in software development. We share our personal perspectives, preferred techniques and debate Product Ownership structures for maximizing business value. We discuss why business value is so important, what a good product owner can do and the risks of an imbalanced product owner. And, as always, we try to convince the world that we are podcasting experts and that 6 Star ratings on this podcast are achievable.