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Sniffing Markers is the brainchild and outlet of Greg Thomas & Colin Harding, where we discuss a variety of topics related to the software development industry. Methodology, Team Leadership, Inspiration, Process, Product Management, Freelancing and Entrepreneurship – we will hit it all and more. We like to keep it authentic preferring not to have a script and always having a steady supply of markers handy.

Jan 10, 2018

I've been really bad at not promoting the Sniffing Marker podcast enough but have to say there is some really great content here. This episode is a great one and very apropos for those of us juggling contracting and freelancing duties and knowing the difference between the two. In today's episode, Greg and Colin discuss what it's like when we freelancers/consultants are brought in to solve a problem, compared to fulfilling a specific function. We talk about the difference between those two assignments, identifying and remaining aligned to them, and how to keep working in the right direction. We discuss the "5 Why's", challenging assumptions and timelines, and generally ensuring you are delivering the value you've been hired to provide. If you like show don't forget to rate us, review us and share with us on our Facebook page: